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Description It's finally here, the iFlight Commando 8 with fully integrated iFlight ExpressLRS hardware! No additional external module necessary to run ELRS.  ExpressLRS TX modules developed in close cooperation with the ExpressLRS Team with firmware targets already released. Features ✚ Internal iFlight ExpressLRS (ELRS) transmitter ✚ Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator ( TCXO for low packet loss, high frequency stability) ✚ Inbuilt 4000mAh for up to 20h power (2x 2000mAh 18650 batteries) ✚ Several Gimbal Stick Ends available (stock 18mm) ✚ The addition of an external antenna allows for an extended flight range. ✚ Built-in SMD antenna and detachable gimbal provide convenience for portability ✚ No display screen ✚ Equipped with gimbals fine-tuning function, suitable for novices ✚ Lighter than Commando 8, as low as 280g Characteristics 2.4GHz system: SX1280 ExpressLRS 2.4GHz // Output 100mW Radio Channels: 8 Input: Mini High Precision Digital Hall Gimbals wit..
    The RadioMaster Pocket is a small, lightweight radio that packs a big punch. It is available in two versions, ExpressLRS and MPM CC2500, and both versions come preinstalled with EdgeTX firmware. The Pocket is also equipped with removable stick ends and a foldable antenna, making it easy to transport and store. It is compatible with 18650 batteries, which provide long battery life for hours of fun. In addition to the classic charcoal and transparent case colors, we have a range of optional color cases available in a selection of vibrant colors, including blue, pink, green, and orange. This allows you to personalize the radio to match your own unique style. The RadioMaster Pocket is a great choice for pilots who are looking for a small, lightweight radio with all the powerful features you have come to expect. Features • Preinstalled with EdgeTX firmware • 18650 Batteries, all the power you need for hours of fun (Batteries not included) • Portable and lightweight des..
Jumper T-Pro ELRS ExpressLRS 1000mW Radio Control Hall Gimbals RC-001..
    DESCRIPTION The new class leader in game control style radios is here! Meet the all new RadioMaster Zorro. Featuring an ergonomic design, large bright LCD screen in the perfect viewing position, travel adjustable HALL sensor gimbals, a nano size external RF module bay, built in USB-C Charging, USB-C Data port for updating and playing simulators, rear and top assignable push buttons, scroll wheels, RadioMasters 7 button menu navigation system, headphone audio output, external power source input and a host of RF options the RadioMaster Zorro is set to change the game once again. Specs: Physical dimensions:170*159*108mm Weight:350 grams Operating frequency:2.400GHz-2.480GHz Internal RF Options:ELRS Supported protocols :ELRS RF power: Up to 250mw ( CE & FCC Versions will be available) Antenna gain:Folding 2db Operational current:[email protected] Operational voltage:6.6-8.4v DC Control distance: Receiver and Power Output dependant Operating system:OpenTX / E..
Commando 8 Radio Transmitter ELRS V2 868/915MHz RF 1000mW RC-004 Description The upgraded iFlight Commando 8 is here, equipped with fully integrated iFlight ExpressLRS hardware, a Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator, and an upgraded cooling system. The inclusion of a Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator further improves the drone's performance. These enhancements not only improve the drone's performance and reliability but also provide a more enjoyable and seamless flight experience for drone enthusiasts. No additional external module is necessary to run ELRS. If you're planning to run another TX module, please check out the optional add-on external module bay. ExpressLRS TX modules were developed in close cooperation with the ExpressLRS Team with firmware targets already released. Features Internal iFlight ExpressLRS (ELRS) transmitter (additional fan and aluminum sheet for cooling) Backpack Function Newly upgraded Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (l..
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