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The hex coupler for Robot Wheel is a compact coupling for joining your motor to the  wheel. They are mostly seen in smart cars, robotic vehicles or small robots. Hex Coupling is made from high-quality brass which allows you to connect the shaft of the motor and hub of the wheel. It equips hexagonal socket through which you can connect the hub of the wheel at one end of the coupling. The other hollow end of the coupling is connected to the motor shaft. They have very simple structure and installation also doesn’t require any special skills. It requires no maintenance except tightening the screws when needed. It safely transfers the rotating power of your motor shaft to the robotic vehicle wheel.  Package Includes: 1x Coupler 1x Set Screw 1x Alen Key Specification: Material: Brass Color: Golden Shape: Hexagonal Screw Diameter: 4mm M4 Inner Diameter: 4mm Extra: Anti-corrosive and Anti-rust ..
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Specification: Strong magnetic with anti-interference Size: 70*22.5*19mm (Excluding the output shaft, one-side output shaft: 8.5mm) Reduction ratio: 1:48 Working voltage: 3V ~ 6V 3v voltage: current 70ma, speed about 95 rev/min, torque about 6v voltage: current 80ma, speed about 200 rev/min, torque about Unloads current: ≤200mA @ 6V, ≤150mA @ 3V Unloads speed: 200 ± 10%RPM @ 6V, 90 ± 10%RPM @ 3V Package included: 1 x TT gear motor Application:Intelligent robot, intelligent manipulator, intelligent furniture Intelligent focusing system, miniature gimbal, etc..  ..
Specification: Motor : N20 Motor Motor weight: 8g Voltage:3.0V   Current: 52mA Voltage:3.7V   Current: 75mA Voltage: 5.0V   Current: 135mA  ..
Specification: Product Type:CHF-GM12-N20  Mini DC gear motor long-life carbon brush D-shaped gearbox high power mini dc motor shaft length:10 mm shaft diameter:3mm D Voltage range:DC 1.0-6.0V Application:Intelligent robot, intelligent manipulator, intelligent furniture Intelligent focusing system, miniature gimbal, etc..  ..
Specification: Rated Voltage: DC6V Voltage Range: DC3V~9V No Load Speed: 30RPM, 60RPM, 100RPM, 150RPM, 200RPM, 300RPM, 400RPM, 500RPM, 1000RPM, 2000RPM Rated Voltage: DC12V Voltage Range: DC6V~12V No Load Speed: 60RPM, 120RPM, 200RPM, 300RPM, 400RPM, 600RPM, 800RPM, 1000RPM, 2000RPM, 4000RPM Output Shaft Diameter: 4mm Screw Output Shaft Length: About 55mm  ..
Specification: Product Type:CHR-GM25-370K gear motors Ratio : 1:34 – 1:57 – 1:20 RPM : 580 – 350 – 980 Output shaft length:12mm D Shaft diameter:4mm Voltage range:DC1.5- 12.0  ..
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Specification: Product Type:CHP-24GP-BK370 Planetary Motors Ratio : 1:16 – 1:20 – 1:25 RPM : 580 – 350 – 980 Output shaft length:12mm D Shaft diameter:6mm Voltage range:DC6 - 12V Aplication : Intelligent robot, intelligent balancing car, inteligent manipulator, electric curtain, etc  ..
Specification: CHP-36GP-580S DC Planetary Gear Motor  8mm Shaft Diameter DC12.0V 6.0V High speed robot driving motor Product name : CHP-36GP-580S permanent magnet DC lengthening carbon brush planetary gear motor Features : all metal planetary gear structure, model level strong magnet, large torque 580 motor matching. Diameter : 36mm x Lmm (different deceleration ratio). Axle diameter : out axis diameter 8mm D font D thick 7.0mm (batch customizable) Out axis length : length 20mm D long 15mm (batch customizable) Weight : about 420 grams (matching different deceleration ratio weight). Application case : intelligent robot, electric curtain, intelligent balance car, intelligent manipulator, etc. Optional accessories : reducer flange mounting bracket, flange coupling, positive and reverse stepless speed regulation driver, etc. Product details: 1. pure copper wire winding The rotor part adopts pure copper group, small resistance and strong conductivity, so that the motor torque ..
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